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Recycle Your Pet Supplies For Cash / Store Credit.

Did you buy something for your pet or get a gift your pet just doesn't use?

Recycle it to a Pet Market Store - It's easy - No more running ads having strangers in your home.

Items must be lightly used or new, good condition. Call our closet store. Tell us what you have.

Examples of what you can bring are:

Dog Houses (plastic only)

Pet Crates

Vari Kennels

Reptile Tanks (clean, no cracks), reptile lights / fixtures (working)

Aquariums (Sm. Med.) no cracks, all working

Bird Cages


Cat Condos (Unused)

New Leases / Collars

Animal Cages (Hamsters, Guinea Pig, Rabbit and More)


SELL OR SHOP USED SUPPLIES. Pet Market tries to make it easier buying for your pet.